Village Development Project in India (vdpi)

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VDPI Newsletter Sep 2019

The Concept

In 1995, a concept was developed to make a model village in each province in India. As we all know, villagers make up 75-80% of the total population in India. In the last 60 years, they have contributed enormously to India's economy, yet they are the most neglected people in not having the basic needs of life, let alone in other areas of development. This has lead to migration from rural areas to urban areas, and an increase in urban slums.

Some frequently asked questions are as follows

1. Why do we need this project?

2. What is the definition of Village Development, village selection process and completion date?

3. Who will do it and how: Teams and funds?

4. What are the achievements since the program was started?

5. Who to contact in case somebody wants to help?


Contact Information: Shiv Jindal  or  Sarita Jindal, 5288 Knott Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K4M 1C2